Thank you Governor Brown for the Rain!

That terrible heat wave sent by God in punishment for all them homosexuals celebrating Kim Davis’s incarceration is over: Governor Brown used his liberal black magic to bring rain to Southern California. What a delight was to come home today from the gym and be welcome not by an oven of unhappiness but by a cool apartment. If only lunch made itself my happiness would have been complete.

The weekend will be hot again, but weekends are supposed to be gay, hot and sunny. Weekdays I have to work. And read. Read, read, read. Earlier this year I had this silly idea to start a master in media psychology and now, instead of losing time on Facebook, I have to read long, dull papers about people on Facebook creating social capital! Who cares if “individuals who used Facebook to discover information about latent ties, rather than engage in indiscriminate ‘friend collecting,’ were more likely to accrue social capital?” (Ellison et al., 2011 p. 136) Not me. Facebook is for sharing cat videos!


Papacharissi, Z., Ellison, N., Cliff, L., Steinfeld, C., & Vitak, J. (2011). With a Little Help From My Friends How Social Network Sites Affect Social Capital Processes. In A networked self: Identity, community and culture on social network sites. New York: Routledge.

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