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So you want to upload your “consciousness” to the cloud?

The year is 2045, and you just watched a marathon of Black Mirror. Feeling that the end is near but that you still have much to accomplish, you decide to upload your consciousness to the cloud, so that a virtual... Continue Reading →

Chapter 5. In which the mother finishes her confession

The priest seemed to have aged a decade. “Two years?” “She deserved twenty. She remained in that cage until she grew too big to fit in it and she merely broke the crate from the inside.” “But—” The priest stole... Continue Reading →

A Physiological Model of Boredom and its Relationship with Depression: A research Proposal

Abstract Based on empirical evidence that suggests that failing to recognize a stimulus as emotionally relevant results in hypoactivity of the orexinergic cells in the hypothalamus, this article proposes a physiological model of boredom that makes depression a consequence of... Continue Reading →

My definition of Love

Berscheid (2010) argues that love is difficult to define because of all the instances of love that exist: romantic love, fraternal love, friendship, which vary in much more than a degree of liking. Love is easy to recognize, nevertheless, so... Continue Reading →


I will be reading tomorrow, Thursday, June 28 2018 an excerpt from: Murder! the first chapter of my novel in progress Coffee, Shopping, Murder, Love at Drunken Masters The Escondite 410 Boyd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 Thursday, 6/28 8-10pm FREE PARKING! Coffee,... Continue Reading →

How to deal with your racist uncle

I see people constantly shaming other peoples' identities on social media about racial issues (i.e. if you voted for Trump you're racist) and I think: that ain't going to help. So I wrote this, an explanation of why shaming doesn't... Continue Reading →

The War on Love

I got this crazy idea about how to include men in the fight for women's reproductive rights, and so I wrote a paper about it, below. On October 6, 2017, the Trump administration rolled back the mandatory provision of the... Continue Reading →

Kale, oats, and cornmeal pancakes

Post a picture of your husband and pancakes, forty seven likes. Post a reminder that you wrote a book and need reviews, zero likes. What's the point of having hundreds of friends on social media if none will rush to... Continue Reading →

Brainwashing with LIES!

Yay, people are reading my paper, A Cross Theoretical Model of Persuasion! Its code title was BRAINWASHING WITH LIES!!! Because it is a guide on how to increase the persuasiveness of a message when dealing with stubborn people that JUST DON'T... Continue Reading →

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