I just received my first piece of fan mail!

Granted, I wrote it myself, but still it was exciting to read. Below the email and further below my response.

On Sep 17, 2015, at 5:40 PM, Carlos Allende <carlos_el_marino@me.com> wrote:
Dear Mr. Allende,
I just finished the first chapter of your book, the one entitled “In which we meet the mother and her three daughters.” Christopher Columbus, I am so intrigued! Will the young girl return in time for her mother to obtain God’s forgiveness? The sisters — they’re so mean! I must say that their wickedness left me rather unsettled. How can someone be so selfish and so mean? One would expect that even among witches exists some kind of sororal love, but no, they’re horrible!
Your prose is beautiful, though. I only stopped reading so I could write you these lines. Back to the second chapter, “In which the mother begins her confession.”
Yours truly,
Dear Me,
Keep reading. And don’t forget to leave a five star review when you’re done. Attached is a picture of an old house similar to the witch’s cottage.

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