Young man loses his penis after attending a witches Sabbath!

From the witch’s confession:

“He made a trip like that once more, on the eleventh night after Christmas, and after that he stopped. He had a rather fertile disposition and not one, but four of us had become pregnant, and so much in trouble were we now, one being the niece of a bishop, the second the servant of a devoted clergymen, the third the sister of a Cardinal, and the fourth, your humble servant, Father, an active member of my parish who wanted no more cheeky, impertinent gamines to make my life more difficult—so heavily in disgrace were we, that we decided to punish the felon cursing his parts with a disease so bad that he would feel no desire to be with a woman ever again. His manhood started to squirt a putrid squim when he peed, and began getting smaller and smaller, until one day, six weeks afterwards, it disappeared. As much as the boy looked for it within his bush, he could find no trace of it.”

From Chapter 3: In which we are told how the third daughter was conceived. Love, or the Witches of Windward Circle


Love, or the Witches of Windward Circle

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