International Faggy Brown Writer Quoted in Another Blog!

So visitors are finding my silly little page at Goodreads. One of them posed a question, liked my answer and reposted it on his own blog, Howlarium. How flattering! Still, the road to fame is unpaved and steep, and therefore, quite taxing. As of yesterday, only six visitors to this blog and apparently no sales yet on Amazon. Will I have to shove my book into everyone’s mouth to make them buy it? Where are Terry’s friends when one needs them? It’s not easy!

I suffer. And I wonder: What demon will I have summon to achieve fame and fortune? Or, in a more modern fashion, whose bed should I jump into to secure a six figure film-rights contract? The caramel color of my skin and the darkness of my eyes—windows to my soul—sure attract admirers, a drunk and rather fleshy guy tried to pick me up at the Venice boardwalk just last Saturday, yet, at 29 and three-quarters, I lack the youth, the thin waist and the bulging muscles that Hollywood producers prefer, and also the liberty to whore myself in exchange of money, since, alas, I am married. My art will have to do. Buy my book and feel free to leave a review in which you highly celebrate it.

Love, or the Witches of Windward Circle

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