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Originally a place to promote my dark humor writing. Presently, a media psychology blog

Kale, oats, and cornmeal pancakes

Post a picture of your husband and pancakes, forty seven likes. Post a reminder that you wrote a book and need reviews, zero likes. What's the point of having hundreds of friends on social media if none will rush to... Continue Reading →

Brainwashing with LIES!

Yay, people are reading my paper, A Cross Theoretical Model of Persuasion! Its code title was BRAINWASHING WITH LIES!!! Because it is a guide on how to increase the persuasiveness of a message when dealing with stubborn people that JUST DON'T... Continue Reading →

How to increase engagement using the secrets of successful vloggers

Here, I use Bethany Mota’s success as an example to explain the experts’ recommendations to increase engagement when creating a persuasive message.

How to avoid a social media catastrophe like the one from United

We’re not here to pass judgment or to speculate on how that particular incident could have been prevented. We’re here to tell you what to do in case you or one of your employees ever make a similar mistake to avoid a social media catastrophe. Because you are on the Internet, aren’t you?

Oy vey, I finished my Master’s in Media Psychology

A model that reconciles major theories of persuasion to help communicators decide which theoretical principles to apply when creating a persuasive message based on the readiness and motivation of the recipient. It illustrates under which circumstances rhetorical strategies used in overtly persuasive messages can be sufficient to induce compliance, and under which narratives should be a preferred path to induce change.

Motivate your employees using gamification principles

  How to motivate your employees using gamification principles You’ve heard about the perks that employees have at those hyper-funded new startups: Guitar Hero hour, yoga room, video game room, unlimited coffee, unlimited beer, free lunches on Friday. You would... Continue Reading →

Unemployment Reflections

So, I’m unemployed, yay! I’m actively looking for a day job, writing my capstone (dissertation) and editing my new novel: COFFEE, SHOPPING, MURDER, LOVE, a dark comedy about angry gays killing people. This morning I reached this, which I wrote a... Continue Reading →

Changing Hearts, One Meme at a Time

  If a friend asked you to photocopy the photo of a man someone told her is a murderer and then distribute it among all your friends and acquaintances with the specific purpose of ruining that man’s reputation, you probably... Continue Reading →

Forest of Fortune, by Jim Ruland

Forest of Fortune isn’t an ordinary novel. More than a narrative, it is a trip to the lives of others, three tortured souls whose paths never really cross but have in common one place, the Thunderclap Casino. This is a... Continue Reading →

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